The following are just a few of the many questions we’ve received over the years. Feel free to send us an email with any other questions you may have.

I am interested in having our department host a fall or spring meeting/training weekend. What is involved?

Hosting a meeting/training weekend is a joint effort between the host hall and the VIFFA Executive.  Generally, the host hall is responsible for organizing the course lineup and instructors, securing training venues, and planning meals, while the VIFFA Executive helps to advertise the weekend to the membership, collect student registrations, and provide financial support.  For a detailed package outlining what’s involved with hosting a meeting/training weekend, download the Host Hall Package.

I am a trade or industry representative and would like to support VIFFA. How can I do this?

We welcome the support of all trades and industry representatives–the fire service and VIFFA could not be the organization it is today without you.  We encourage trades and industry representatives to get in touch, and plan to be a part of an upcoming meeting weekend where we typically have a trades show.  Please contact our Trades Director at trades@viffa.ca.

How do I pay the membership dues for our department?

Please contact our Treasurer at treasurer@viffa.ca.  Membership dues are now a $75.00 flat rate fee per department (this is new for 2019).  Dues can be paid by cheque to the Vancouver Island Firefighters Association, mailed to our Treasurer–please contact for mailing info.

When are elections for Executive and Directors held?

Election of Executive members and Directors are held annually at the Spring Training Meeting, as per the Constitution & Bylaws.

My department is interested in hosting an Evolutions/Field Day. What's the next step?

Departments interested in hosting an Evolutions Weekend or Field Day are always encouraged!  Please review the information in the Members Area and get in touch by sending us an email.

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