Ladies Hose Rolling

Hose Rolling Event for Fireman’s Ladies

For the Lake Cowichan Fire Department Shield for Fastest Individual Time.

  1. Host Department shall, well in advance of the Field Day, test roll the six lengths of hose for the Ladies Hose Rolling events to establish a maximum diameter for the make of hose being used. Then they shall construct the judging box to allow for one inch leeway over the maximum diameter. The height shall be to allow for one inch also. The judging box shall be demonstrated for fit prior to the event.
  2. Fifty foot lengths of 2.5 inch how will be used.
  3. Starting line will be 15 feet from the male end.
  4. Finish line will be six feet beyond the female end.
  5. At the word “Go” contestants run to hose and commence rolling.
  6. Upon reaching the female coupling the roll should be laid flat and finish line crossed, at which point, time will stop.
  7. Roll may be stepped on or jumped on to aid in flattening. The square framed judging box will be used to determine neatness, height and diameter.
  8. Rolls not neatly made in the judge’s opinion shall be disqualified.
  9. Contestants who neatly rolls hose in the shortest possible time will be declared the winner.
  10. In the case of a tie, a separate heat will be run to determine the final winner.

Hose Rolling for Fireman’s Ladies and Daughters (min. age 16)

Team Event for the North Cowichan (South End) Centennial Shield.

  1. Same rules as the individual Ladies Hose Rolling
  2. Any department may enter a team of a maximum of six ladies. The four fastest rolls will be computed for the team’s time.
  3. The teams will run in a drawn order.
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