Hosting A Field Day / Evolutions

Below are the standard requirements for hosting a field day / evolutions

  1. Departments wishing to host a field day Evolutions shall furnish without cost to the Association, adequate facilities for camping, the dance, and the banquet. Banquet is optional and shall certify in their letter of invitation their ability and willingness to abide by other Standard requirements as prescribed by the Association.
  2. Program details are to be made available to the Secretary at least six weeks prior to the Field Day. All printing and mailing to be made by the Association’s Secretary.
  3. Badges shall be furnished free to the Association members and their wives at the time of registration. The design, material and workmanship of the badges shall be entirely in the hands of the host department.
  4. A campsite to hold approximately 150 units, c/w nearby toilets, water and garbage containers. Area to be maintained in a clean manner, c/w toilet paper and soap.
  5. A camp supervisor shall be on duty on Saturday evening, continuously until the end of the dance and to wear an easily identifiable vest.
  6. Host department shall be responsible for policing the grounds to prevent undue disturbance and act on any complaints from VIFFA members.
  7. Provide a suitable picnic table for at least each group of delegates from any department. Delegates will be advised to assist with this problem by bringing their own table and chairs where possible.
  8. Provide a dance area capable of seating at least 200 members at tables, leaving appropriate area for dancing.
  9. Provide a P.A. system that does not cause confusion with a dance band or canned music.
  10. Provide snacks at each table at no charge to the delegates. Snacks to mean an assortment of such items as potato chips, cheeses, pickles, peanuts, cheese crackers, etc.
  11. Provide a suitable area barricaded from spectators for running the Make and Break evolution as close to the camp area as possible. All necessary lines to be painted on the road, standpipes and hose in position, a raised judges platform and a P.A. system set up and tested by 08:30 a.m. on Sunday. Note: P.A. system on fire apparatus will not be acceptable.
  12. Provide a asphalt/cement area, barricaded from spectators, large enough to permit ladies hose rolling team of six to run. This should be the area to utilize the P.A. system and prevent time loss in moving to another location.
    Host department shall, well in advance of the Field Day / Evolutions test roll the six lengths of hose to be used for the Ladies Hose Rolling Events to establish a maximum diameter for the make of the hose being used.
    Then they shall construct the judging box for a 1-inch leeway over the maximum diameter. The height of the box shall be to allow a 1-inch leeway also.
  13. Provide a suitable asphalt road, barricaded from spectators, c/w standard hydrant for running the “Hose Lay and Target”. Required lines to be painted on the road and hydrant pressure already determined to be adequate for target distance. A raised judges platform and a suitable P.A. system shall be provided for this event. Adequate manpower must be available to quickly replace apparatus back into service after each run.
  14. Provide a Mystery Evolution, preferably in the same barricaded area to avoid time loss and not to acquire more than 15 minutes to set up. If this is not possible the required site must be set up ready to go. The evolution must be previously tested for running time. Host department judges to firmly establish rules and penalties in writing (a copy of which shall be turned over to the Secretary just prior to the start of the Mystery Event). Running time for a four man team must not exceed three minutes and must be capable of running two teams at once.
  15. To provide a fun event utilizing teams of mixed personal, to be held on the Saturday afternoon, in competition for the Motorola Trophy. This event is opened to firefighters and their ladies only.
    (By-law’s #16,17,18,19 &20 are optional to the Host department)
  16. May provide banquet facilities to seat approximately 300 adults and up to 100 children to the age of 12. Children may be seated in a separate area because of the free meal policy. If banquet is held on Saturday, catering and seating arrangements to be such that everyone is finished eating prior to presentations of skits and dance.
  17. The maximum number of seats Known to be available for adults and children shall determined the number of banquet tickets sold. Host department members and their wives shall be prepared to assist with the serving where the caterers have not furnished adequate help. Host department members are to be included in the total seats if they are not involved in the catering.
  18. The cost of the Field day banquet shall be borne by the individual members of the Association. Members children under the age of 12 shall be provide with adequate food free of any charge.
  19. May provide head table seating for a maximum of 24 persons. The Association Secretary is to be responsible for the seating positions.
  20. May provide a P.A. system for the head table.
  21. Provide a panel of 5 judges, with some ability to judge the skit and campsite competition.
  22. Provide a lockable room, trailer or camper located in the general area of activities for the safe keeping of trophies and meetings of the Executive judges.
  23. Host department shall be advised by the Secretary of those Honorary members in the area associated with VIFFA, in order that they may be invited to attend the Field Day / Evolutions and or the banquet.
  24. All 21/2” hose used for the competitions must be provided by the host department and must be of identical brand, double jacket canvas, brass couplings of identical type and of equal length.
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