Below are the Tug-of-War Rules and Regulations.

  1. Each team may have one coach on the field. No others are permitted.
  2. The rope shall be 50 feet long and at least 1 inch in diameter.
  3. The winning team must pull the opposing team across the designated boundary, which is 6 feet 6inches.
  4. Each pull will begin with the “ready, set, pull”(a starters horn, or other suitable device may be used).
  5. Changing positions is prohibited once the pull has commenced.
  6. The lead person must keep his/her hands behind the 6 foot 6 inch mark on the rope. Advancing beyond this mark will result in automatic disqualification.
  7. Lying on the ground is prohibited. If a participant falls, he/she has 5 seconds to stand up or the team will be disqualified.
  8. The rope will not be “wrapped around “ a participant in any manner whatsoever.
  9. Teams must pull straight back. Absolutely no whipping or weaving the rope.
  10. Tennis shoes, running shoes or boots must be worn during all pulls. Bare feet, thongs or cleats are prohibited.
  11. Gloves are allowed and are recommended. Chalk/Powder is allowed, but no sticky substances are permitted.
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