Make and Break

Evolution # 1 “Make & Break” for the Allen Cup

Four Person Event (Revised April 1996)

Equipment required for this event will be supplied by VIFFA is as follows:
  1. 3 identical coupling wrenches.
  2. 3 identical hydrant caps.
  3. 3 identical portable standpipes 20” in height.
  4. 3 identical straight tip nozzles.
  5. 9 – 50’ lengths of 2 ½” synthetic hose with brass couplings.
  6. 18 judges clip boards, score sheets and pens.
Event Set-up:

Event is to be run on blacktop pavement or concrete surface. Three teams run together in drawing order. Distance from start line to the far end of the course will be 180 feet.

3 – 50 ft. lengths of 2 ½” hose will be laid out from the standpipes with the coupling folded back on the hose once.
The distance couplings will be turned back is 12” with a 12” gap between the folded hoses. Nozzle location at the end of the hose will be 2 feet from the fold.

Starting line will be 10 feet behind the standpipes. Far end course marker line will be 180 feet from the start line.

Contestants will stand on the starting line. At the word go or the sound of a starting horn the first person starts.( Beating the start signal will result in a restart). The coupling wrench is to be picked up from the start line and placed on the base of the standpipe, the hydrant cap is then removed and placed on the base of the standpipe, person connects up the first hose coupling to the standpipe outlet, and then proceeds to make up the rest of the couplings, connects the nozzle, touches the end marker line, and starts back, disconnecting the nozzle, stands nozzle up, breaks all couplings, folds couplings back on hose, disconnects hose from standpipe outlet, picks up coupling wrench from standpipe base and passes wrench to next person at the start line. Second and third person go through same procedure, then fourth person must replace the hydrant cap on the standpipe outlet and cross the finish line with the coupling wrench, at this point time will stop.

******Evolution must start with the couplings folded only once, but during the event, couplings may be folded back on hose in any fashion.

  1. Host Department will demonstrate the Evolution.
  2. All Couplings will be inspected, cleaned chased, and graphited.
  3. Contestants may check couplings before their evolution commences, but thereafter, only the coupling judges will be permitted to check couplings, and to recommend replacement if deemed necessary.
  4. Contestant’s footwear cannot be opened toed.
  5. Contestants may stop to correct infractions, e.g. coupling wrench or hydrant cap falling off standpipe base, folded back couplings falling off hose, nozzle falling over. If correction is made no penalty times will be added to their time.
  6. A penalty of 5 seconds will be added to the running time for each infraction.
  7. Contestants may kneel on or step on hose or coupling “Only” while making or breaking a coupling or nozzle.
  1. Crossing starting line before receiving coupling wrench.
  2. Coupling wrench or hydrant cap not left on standpipe base.
  3. Kicking or dropping couplings, coupling wrench, hydrant cap or nozzle
  4. Straddling the hose.
  5. Coupling not hand tight, Allowance of ¼ turn of coupling from gasket acceptable.
  6. Undone coupling not placed back on hose.
  7. Unattached nozzle not left in upright position.
  8. Failure to touch end marker line.
  9. Hose stepped on other than while making or breaking a coupling or nozzle, (e.g. stepping or running on hose while moving from standpipe to coupling, coupling to coupling, coupling to nozzle,)
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